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Bandits - Brigandage "Stories of gallantry and heroism have gathered about many brigands, especially those who were the victims of social or political oppression, who were rebels rather than bandits."

Or in the case of us, a bunch of friends who hung out in a pool room for years and one day decided to form a band.
Pool Room Bandits
Name: Pool Room Bandits
Back September 2006
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The Lawless Lives of the Bandits
But mostly we play pool and talk music - or should that be the other way around?
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Hey kids! I've just worked out how you work this thing. I've been staring at a blank page since Saturday (well not constantly). You'd think they'd put a login page in a more prominent page or display an error or something. Bloody usability. Our Dave at work would have something to say about that. Doesn't take much effort you know. Humbug et cetera.

I spoke to Jo briefly about sorting out times for practices. I'm afraid I'm not going to be much use to you if you're planning Saturday evenings as a regular thing. Looking at my diary, the Saturdays are booked out for the next 4 weeks. And it's not that I have a rich and varied social life or anything. Saturdays just tend to be everyone's favourite night out.

I think that any day other than Friday or Saturday is fine by me. If anyone's feeling adventurous you could try a poll (don't look at me, I'm a newbie). Whatever we come up with, just make sure y'all stay in touch. I only heard about the last rehearsal from Raj after I had agreed to be somewhere else.

I'll try and stick a gig review up some time. I'm looking forward to Howe Gelb (formerly of Giant Sand no less!) at Mono a week on Thursday.
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We arranged and practiced the second song Saturday night. It went much smoother than last time, I'm definately feeling a little more relaxed. Karma is arranged better, I think that's because we didn't have every instrument playing all the time.

Recording went smoother as well. That's because we did an "everyone recording it together" first, to get the rhythm down.

You live and learn. Not sure my playing's improved any. I will practice as some point!

We were missing a bandit, Stevie couldn't make it. :(

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That was gooooood!

I can't wait till next practice. Which will be next Saturday.

We're a tiny bit rusty and we haven't played together for ages. BUT it's starting to sound good already and I'm really chuffed. The first song "Beautiful Life" has actually been recorded now. Thanks to Audacity which Jo found, (A very nice piece of software which I highly recommend if you need to record and edit different tracks.) and Dougie's Peavey amp. I've had trouble with Peavey amps in the past (different band) but that was the big ones, the practice amp is better than those. Better than my dumb wee Rhino one as well.

We have the song on MP3 format, it's the first time most of us have recorded like that and I'm not surprised it's slightly shaky here and there. It'll take a bit of getting used to. But it's really good for seeing what needs work. I've gotten used to hearing myself singing as well. That happened a couple of weeks ago.

Points to work on:
1. The rhythm needs a bit tightening.
2. It sounds slightly too busy in some places.
3. The end needs a tiny bit of work, I was thinking a little instrumental or something.
4. I need to practice!

I also can't wait to get our hands on the Karma song, we working on it for about five minutes and the chorus sounded amazing, Jo had a harmony that was lovely (she must have been lying to me when she said she couldn't work harmonies out ;)) and Stevie had some beautiful, floating chords placed just right. It was heavenly! There's some stuff that just works and it's nice that we're falling into that really quickly.

Stevie has now joined lj so hopefully you'll be hearing from him soon.
(I was secretly hoping he would post reviews of the gigs he goes to. He is the gig-guy!)

Anyway I'm all tired now, bed calls.

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